As malignancies are diagnosed earlier and anti-cancer treatments have continued to succeed, more people are surviving beyond their cancer diagnoses, many years and decades in fact. Putting cancer into the background and rebuilding life is the goal of our research and practice efforts. We strive to overcome the battles of pain, at the time of diagnosis and during anti-cancer treatment, to help patients thrive in their post-morbid life. This year’s meeting will build on the foundation of best practices for cancer pain and inspire multispecialty collaboration for research and practice.

Featured Faculty

Mordecai Potash, MD
Department of Psychiatry, Tulane University

Christy Gomez, ARNP

Konstantin Slavin, MD
Department of Neurosurgery, University of Illinois at Chicago

Denis Dupoiron, MD
Anesthesia and Pain, Institut de cancerologie de l'Ouest Paul Papin Angers France

Kristin Redmond, MD, MPH
Radiation Oncology, Johns Hopkins University

Andrew Aguirre, MD, PhD
Medical Oncologist, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Scientist, The Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT


  • Increase understanding of the types of cancer pain at the different stages of disease, review the latest treatment options and appropriate best practices in patient care based on the type of cancer pain
  • Increase knowledge of holistic treatments for cancer pain management that integrate pain management with mental and physical wellbeing to improve patients’ quality of life
  • Create a closer alliance between multispecialty physicians, scientists, and healthcare professionals to improve patient care and access to treatment through the stages of morbidity
  • Discuss the ethical and psychosocial dilemmas that physicians, caregivers and patients experience during the continuum of care
  • Identify emerging areas for research and development to improve intervention for cancer pain
  • Provide nurse, physician, and physician extender with better understanding of how to enhance their role within the cancer pain practice


  • Cancer Pain Skills Lab will include both didactic and hands-on training in the clinical use of intrathecal drug delivery, neurostimulation, RF tumor ablation and radiosurgery. 
  • How to Run Your Practice
  • How to Run a Research Study


Main Conference

This conference will be held at the Windsor Court Hotel, 300 Gravier Street, New Orleans, LA 70130. 

Three room blocks are available under the name "4th Annual Cancer Pain Research Consortium".
Click here for the Windsor Court Hotel
Click here for the St James Hotel
Click here for the Cambria Hotel


After April 10th, 2018 online registration closes. Walk-ins are welcome at the conference site!

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